September 29, 2011

Working like a dog...

I haven't posted in like a week and I feel the creativity backing up. It has been one kind of a crazy week, lots of work and baby has her first cold, awww. Husband and Baby are out of town visiting the in laws tonight so hopefully I can catch up on some much needed posting. I have made a wreath and Halloween bunting this week on top of everything else. I can't wait to share. Hopefully I can have better pictures in the morning when its light outside (just put the bunting out tonight after it stopped raining). Small preview anyway.

my cool fun new wreath

Bunting out on the porch! You can't see the buttons cause its too dark but I hot glued buttons to each triangle.

Hoping to show you all more later on the details of everything, hopefully next week...
Happy Crafting!

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