September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11

So instead of whatever I was going to post today, I'm just going to take a minute to reflect on the past ten years. I find myself to be a very emotional person. I was watching an HBO special this morning while rocking my baby back to sleep, and just started crying about the lives that had been changed and lost for forever.

I didn't know anyone there. I didn't have any connection to New York and the events that happened except for the fact that I'm an American and I am human.

I was a senior in high school and was getting ready to go to school that morning. I remember my dad yelling at us to come into the living room and look at the tv. There was an accident in New York and a plane ran into the WTC tower. We all just thought about what a terrible accident, how do you fly a plane into something that big? I went on to get ready for school and as we were getting ready to leave the second plane hit the tower, and I will never forget watching that happen live on my television.

I'm pretty sure I was in math class when another teacher came in the room and told my teacher that the towers had collapsed. We only were to have one class that morning because testing was going on and they allowed all grades not testing to do extra activities instead of normal school things.

We were on our way to Indiana University that day to go bowling. The teachers turned us loose on campus and we went and had lunch at a pizza place nearby. They had a tv on the news in there watching it...I saw the towers fall for the first time. It was a little scary but it was so far away that it just seemed like a movie. As a senior in high school you are suppose to be aware of reality but you don't have to live it yet.

My life, our lives...forever changed that day. As much as we look back and remember what happened we need to look forward and be thankful for what we have. I have a loving husband, a wonderful new baby girl, and a whole family that I love dearly.

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