September 7, 2011

First Post. New adventures with old Tori.

So this is my first post on my brand new blog. Start off with the fact that I am building this blog around crafts and my love for crafts...also I'm a pretty good cook and will try every once in a while to share recipes with you. I know there are many a crafting blog out there but I thought I needed my own space in this world to share what I want. So with that said...

This is going to be a inspiration type of post...shows you what maybe I like and will be featuring on Nifty Knacks.

love all things flowers

oooo felt flowers and buttons!

pretty sure these are mine for Christmas

too cute...looking for a mobile for my new baby

I'm a tree person too

what my husband thinks...

retro designs = good

just finished my first but not last burlap wreath, will post about it later

more flowers!

new love for bunting

this is just awesome.
flowers any way you like them.

love this...vintage

butterflies land on flowers

these could possibly be the greatest thing I've seen in a while

Now I'm pretty new to this crafting thing, so excuse me when I get excited about rosettes and then you tell me that they have been around a while and they are nothing new. I'm finding new things on here everyday...who knew burlap was used for anything but sacks for animal feed?! Not me until about a week ago. Disclaimer...I know English as a language and I have a rather large vocabulary and a great ability to spell things correctly (at least I think so)...but I however do not understand sentence structure , punctuation and the like. Please forgive your eyes for me as there will be mistakes that may make you cringe, if you are one of those people. :) Happy Crafting.
- Tori

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