September 10, 2011

Mini Tutorial - Fall Rosette Wreath

So this was my first attempt at making a wreath and now my first attempt at a tutorial. I liked the results...a little less polished then I would have liked but it looked like a wreath.

Wreath Form
1/2 yard of three different fabrics
1/2 yard of burlap
hot glue gun
scissors or rotary cutter

This was my first time using a wreath form, in fact until last week I didn't know these circles were meant to be wreaths. Started by cutting burlap into strips about 2 inches wide, wrapped the strips around the form with every few wraps being secured by some hot glue.

This is the finished form...I got done with this part and thought this was too easy. I was right.

Next came these little buggers. The original flowers i was going to make didn't work out because I didn't buy the right fabric, so with that idea scrapped I thought of using the rosettes that I';m so in love with. I watched a you tube video once about making fabric flowers...oh yeah I watched it six times and still came up with this as my first flower. My husband said it looked like a wadded up ball of fabric. I would almost agree with him if I didn't have so much pride. Either way this is what my wreath was going to be made with.

I started off with three flowers and just thought it didn't look right, there wasn't enough going on...aka it was too plain, and yes my husband agreed. Video HERE

So I added more flowers....

This is what I finally came up with. I still think its a bit plain. Good thing my front door is green. This took me way longer then I wanted it too...I WAS making dinner and appeasing a baby at the same time so that may have accounted for it.

Happy Crafting

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