December 4, 2011

What a busy two weeks...

Finish this sentence...Time flys when......

Its the holidays
You have a newborn
You work retail

Take your pick.

Anyway the busiest two weeks of my last year have been nowish, just had our Thanksgiving today and I have worked non stop for basically two weeks. So apology for lack of posts but I just didn't have the time. OH and add that I unmounted? my sd card in my phone and didn't want the pictures to erase so couldn't put it back all of my pictures of recent projects are held hostage until I figure that out. I did participate in a handmade gift exchange at Not just a housewife, here is what I made for my partner...

not the most flattering picture but I had these on facebook to show my sister, to make sure they weren't weird.

Its suppose to be like a muff ear warmer thing

Made from a sock (knee high) that I "sewed" together with embriodery thread (I 'm not a sew-er)
and then over the spot where the two ends meet I made some felt flowers and put them on top.

I like the top picture best, I wasn't completely happy with the first one so I sent her two.

I'm currently searching for ideas for the babys first birthday party, its not for another five months but I'm already excited for it.

Happy Holidays!