September 19, 2011

Meta Monday: My weekend

I had a rather long and busy weekend, filled with a festival and flea marketing. So a good weekend. I rely primarily on my phone for my picture taking and unfortunately it died on Saturday before I could take all the pictures that I was looking forward to. I have two and I will share them.

I really liked the colors in this honey sign. They wanted $111 for it and I just thought that was crazy. It was made with 100 year old barn wood and vintage bottle caps. That's great and all but I can do the same thing for much less. I thought this would be cool saying Home or my baby's name. 

This is my baby girl, Bailee. This was her first festival, she loved the people watching. Like her hat? Everyone we passed said something about her hat. Get one here.

Thought these were pretty cool. Two different booths had these. This booth had ones made mostly out of crystal dishware, and the other booth used a lot of colorful plate, saucer, tea cup combinations. Either way you wanna make it, I think it would be pretty easy.

I couldn't resist putting this up, shes just too cute.

As for any project that I did this weekend...I just made a few hair bows....Halloween Hair bows!
I got the scrap booking brads at Walmart...who knew they have a 97 cent section in the scrap booking section and I got all these cute little additions to my plain ribbon bows. I already had the ribbon and just mixed and matched.

Hoping to try something new next weekend. Happy Crafting.

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