September 14, 2011

Quickie on Hump Day

I knocked this out in about thirty minutes. We just moved into a rental house where the previous tenants most have been color blind. Every room upstairs has some fantasical flaw in the color scheme. Today I focused on the bathroom. It was a pretty enough blue color that I didn't absolutely hate it, I just didn't know what to do with it. Since it is the bathroom the baby takes all her baths in and over the next year, or years, will grow up with I wanted to do something with it that would be fun for her. I thought of a million differnet things but finally settled on forest-y theme. At our previous, way too small for a growing family, apartment in her tiny corner of the spare room I had bought a stick on the wall tree at kohl's on black friday half off! So I wanted to reuse it but it didn't look right in her new gray super colorful nursery. So where else could I have used it...the potty!

This was the blue that I was dealing with... not horrible but what to do.

I drew what I thought looked like a great patch of green, used a pencil to trace my lines and then use acrylic paint in citron green to color it in. It actually turned out to be the perfect grass color for my little project.

Here is the finished wall. Little birds and all. I love how it turned out, the pictures don't do it justice, hard to take a good picture while standing in the bath tub.

I still have to add the little owls above the towel rack and a shower curtain I have yet to find and then it will probably be close to being done. 

Fun little Wednesday night project.
Happy Crafting

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