November 13, 2011

Christmas Wreath!

So I have seen the yarn wreaths here and my incredibly talented sister made a super cute gray and yellow one, I knew that I needed to do that next. Originally I was going to make a burlap Christmas wreath but I could never get the red burlap. What I came up with is super cute anyway, at least I think so. (my sister said it was too) Anyway also in this post I actually edited pictures! haha I usually take all pictures on my phone, nevermind that $700 camera sitting in the other room, my android works well doing whatever, and I have an app for picture editing...takes too long to do it on my phone so guess what I'm asking santa for?! Anyway down to business...

I went to hobby lobby with no idea besides yarn that I knew I was going to use. So while winging it I was randomly picking things up and finally something struck me.

Stuff I used: 18 inch wreath form, red/white yarn, peppermint gift tags, one red sign and one hollow cardboard sign, chalkboard paint, foam brush, hot glue, scissors (n i think thats all) oh and white paint pen

wrap your wreath form and wrap and wrap and wrap...this part takes a while, watch a movie

done yet? ok wrap your white in sections around your form, up to you how far apart you want them

get all the way around, tie off and go back the other way, easy to cross over wreath and aim for the bottom of the cross before
like this.

done...not where you want them or not even? best part is you can play around with them until you like what you see.

next I placed everything where I thought I wanted it...
but maybe i was wrong...
nope I was right, then hot glue in place

While wrapping the wreath ( did I mention it took a while) I got bored and painted my first sign
I free handed it, think it looks funner that way...I used a paint pen (see it on the very edge of the picture) pick on up at walmart, best idea ever...eventually I went over this again and added little dots to the corners of each letter
subtle but cuter I thought

attached the sign using two strands of yarn (not a good picture)
stuff for chalkboard sign, never used chalkboard paint before
I had previously added chalkboard paint to the cardboard sign, 4 coats just to make sure I got it right, and then I took my paint pen and made little dots around the edges of the sign. I think I like dots today.

attach with hot glue and DONE!

Just add Chirstmas lights and front door is green and this doesn't look very green but thats why I made a red and white wreath!

Definitely the longest tutorial type thing I've ever done on here, but I'm pretty proud of my project that didn't only take me 15 minutes.

Happy Crafting!


  1. Very pretty! I love all the yarn wreaths I am seeing all over the place. Yours looks fabulous! I would love to see you link up at my new link party Friday Frolic. It is new and needs some love:)

  2. Tori, That is a great idea! I love the peppermint too...very festive and I love your attention to details. I would love to have you show it at my party on Wednesday!
    I really hope to see you there!

  3. This is so cute! Thanks for linking it up to Latest and Greatest Friday! I'm featuring it for tomorrow's post! Grab my button if the mood hits you! : )

  4. I featured you! Come by, grab my button, and I hope you link up again this week!

  5. Hi! I really love your wreath - the peppermings are so sweet and I love the little chalkboard countdown! Thanks for linking up to Think Pink Sundays - I featured you today!