September 8, 2013

Football wreaths

So  imagine my surprise when my husband wanted to take me to Hobby Lobby...on purpose...without me asking...yeah I couldn't figure it out either. That was until he mentioned football and our naked front door. We just moved into a brand new house and a lot of my previous wreaths didn't quite make it in one piece due to their storage in our old garage. (This year they get a cozy closet location in the spare room) two wreaths...quickly made but they get the point across.

Did I mention I have a two week old baby now...and my middle child's birthday is today lol she's one! Here's to having a full plate.

Happy birthday Kylee! She's such a cutie.

September 4, 2013

It has only been two years...

So two more kids and two years later does make a busy mom be. I am really hoping to get this site going again. I haven't stopped making crafts and diy-ing it up, just a little bit slower at it. I have planned three birthday parties, made coutless wreaths, fun little projects, we bought a house (I have a real mantle now)...and its almost fall, my favorite season. Anyway hope to post all the goodies I've been doing over the past couple of years for your viewing pleasure. Please stand by...

December 4, 2011

What a busy two weeks...

Finish this sentence...Time flys when......

Its the holidays
You have a newborn
You work retail

Take your pick.

Anyway the busiest two weeks of my last year have been nowish, just had our Thanksgiving today and I have worked non stop for basically two weeks. So apology for lack of posts but I just didn't have the time. OH and add that I unmounted? my sd card in my phone and didn't want the pictures to erase so couldn't put it back all of my pictures of recent projects are held hostage until I figure that out. I did participate in a handmade gift exchange at Not just a housewife, here is what I made for my partner...

not the most flattering picture but I had these on facebook to show my sister, to make sure they weren't weird.

Its suppose to be like a muff ear warmer thing

Made from a sock (knee high) that I "sewed" together with embriodery thread (I 'm not a sew-er)
and then over the spot where the two ends meet I made some felt flowers and put them on top.

I like the top picture best, I wasn't completely happy with the first one so I sent her two.

I'm currently searching for ideas for the babys first birthday party, its not for another five months but I'm already excited for it.

Happy Holidays!

November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know I haven't posted...its been a crazy week with this whole black friday thing...I do work retail for a living. I recently have been pinteresting the stuffing out of hair, hair styles and how tos. So I'm gonna post some pics of easy to dos and maybe in the fury of cooking tomorrow you can throw your hair into one of these and still look smashing! I totally gave myself bangs tonight, haha yes I was too impatient to wait to go to the salon on Saturday. Enjoy!


no link

no link


Love this site for hair tutorials...where do you think my need for bangs came from?

Or you can always...

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Its the hair I need ha board...

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 21, 2011

Not satisfied with my Christmas something...

So in my post Easy Christmas Something I said at the end that I thought I was going to try to add something to it and was pretty sure it was going to be paper christmas trees...well it was...sorta

Little triangle trees...I'm not sure why I stuck with this particular shape. I did try a few out but stuck with this...I can now see I have a crooked tree trunk that might annoy me but hey it doesn't have to be perfect.

I don't assume I have to help anyone figure out how to cut triangles out of paper, I did take pictures me if you want to see them...

Anyway coming up this week hopefully I will finish these two projects:

The tissue paper poms, I have three more to hang but you know babies, they pick the worst time to decide to take a nap.

And this...

Its an old toy box, if you couldn't figure that one out. You'll see later what I'm doing to it...I am not painting over anything like those cool little vintage decals on the front. This one is just taking WAY longer then I wanted it its not ready yet. After that I might be able to do a baby room tour, cause I'm pretty sure its done...for now...

Happy Monday!
(is that possible?)