September 12, 2011

Meta Monday: Hair clips and felt cupcakes

So this weekend I got together with my sister and we made stuff...not too much stuff because between the two of us there are four kids. (5,4,2, and 4 months) She taught me a quick learnin' with my sewing machine and then we made some hair clips and felt things.

These are a few of the hair clips that I made this weekend.
3/8" ribbon
double or single prong hair clips 
glue, we used hot glue
any little add on that you would want to "add on"

just to cover the clip is 4 1/2 inches of ribbon

beyond that you can make a ribbon on a ribbon with 31/2 more inches made into a circle and glued in the middle and then add 11/2 inch ribbon around the middle of that (example is pink ribbon with black line through the middle clip in the picture)

The possibilities are endless as far as these hair clips go, we then decided we needed to make felt things to put on the clips. 

This is my cupcake, I really love it. It is not perfect but that just adds character. :)

I just cut a form out of felt that I liked and slowly cut away at the edges till I got the shape I wanted. I traced this later so I would have a reference to make them again. I lined the edge with embriodery floss and added the cupcake liner lines...sewed size 6 seed beads on my "icing" for sprinkles and cut a little piece of red into a circle and added a little bit of green thread for my cherry on top. 

Initially this took a while to accomplish, but with four kids running around and screaming and having to make a pattern for the very first kinda see where the time went. It was fun and I would totally do it again.

Get some ideas off! Search for felt hair clip and see all that comes up. I didn't end up using mine for a hair clip. I'm going to add it to a picture frame with my baby's picture in it. Many uses and very fun.
Happy Crafting

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