October 4, 2011

Halloween Bunting!

I finally get time to share my Halloween bunting (I have to work in 34 minutes, lets hope I can get this all in by then).

Finished product

So I started with four large sheets of stiffened felt from Hobby Lobby. And Borrowed a pennant from a friend as a guide.

My orange on orange triangles there.

I ended up with 40 triangles, ten from each sheet. and used sisal also found at Hobby Lobby to string them together.

Between pieces I used three fingers wide to space them out and hot glued the felt and then added the string to it about one centimeter in.

Bad picture but this was later at night and my phone camera wouldn't flash. Anyway here are a few strung together.

I was going to just stop with this but earlier in the day I had gone to Hobby Lobby again thinking I needed to make a Halloween Wreath, I bought polka dotted ribbon for the base and decided I needed to make this match. 

On a previous crafting venture I had bought buttons in a bag or a bag o' buttons in the scrap booking section at once again Hobby Lobby. I decided they were my perfect polka dots

I only used black, green and purple to mimic my wreath. I did about three triangles at a time and placed the buttons first to make sure I liked how they looked and then I hot glued them down, be careful not to burn your fingers because buttons do have holes in them and glue does come through said holes and will burn your finger (true story).

And then swagged it across my small porch. I made sure not to completely tie it down yet because my husband is 6'4" and didn't know how he would fit under it and later I had to move it up so it wouldn't conk him in the head every time he walked under it. 

Hopefully this inspires you to make something!
Happy Crafting

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