November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know I haven't posted...its been a crazy week with this whole black friday thing...I do work retail for a living. I recently have been pinteresting the stuffing out of hair, hair styles and how tos. So I'm gonna post some pics of easy to dos and maybe in the fury of cooking tomorrow you can throw your hair into one of these and still look smashing! I totally gave myself bangs tonight, haha yes I was too impatient to wait to go to the salon on Saturday. Enjoy!


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Love this site for hair tutorials...where do you think my need for bangs came from?

Or you can always...

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Its the hair I need ha board...

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 21, 2011

Not satisfied with my Christmas something...

So in my post Easy Christmas Something I said at the end that I thought I was going to try to add something to it and was pretty sure it was going to be paper christmas trees...well it was...sorta

Little triangle trees...I'm not sure why I stuck with this particular shape. I did try a few out but stuck with this...I can now see I have a crooked tree trunk that might annoy me but hey it doesn't have to be perfect.

I don't assume I have to help anyone figure out how to cut triangles out of paper, I did take pictures me if you want to see them...

Anyway coming up this week hopefully I will finish these two projects:

The tissue paper poms, I have three more to hang but you know babies, they pick the worst time to decide to take a nap.

And this...

Its an old toy box, if you couldn't figure that one out. You'll see later what I'm doing to it...I am not painting over anything like those cool little vintage decals on the front. This one is just taking WAY longer then I wanted it its not ready yet. After that I might be able to do a baby room tour, cause I'm pretty sure its done...for now...

Happy Monday!
(is that possible?)

November 20, 2011

Featured again!


                                                                          Flamingo Toes

Fun cute site with great linking parties...hoping to get a list of all my linking parties up this week...if for nothing else then to remember which ones to go to on a daily basis...there are so many its hard to remember. Yay for being featured!


November 19, 2011

Easy Christmas something

I only call it a something because I suppose you could use it for a variety of things. I'm using mine as a centerpiece for my living room table...I think. Anyway here it goes

Supplies..a tray, spray paint, two colors of yarn, foam balls
The tray is from goodwill pick it up half off, you can get the foam balls from Walmart...mine were donated to me by a friend who didn't need them anymore. They are quite expensive so if you have a coupon to Hobby Lobby or somewhere else I would totally use it. When did foam get expensive?

I choose to wrap the first one in a circular motion around a foam ball because I wanted at least one of them to be smooth looking, different texture.

The rest of them started off as a knot and then was wrapped and wrapped until it became the size I wanted it to be. I did use a foam ball for one of them and I do recommend using a foam ball as a base if you don't want or care about using a lot of yarn. This is the left over yarn from my Christmas wreath so I didn't mind...I can only knit one thing, a scarf.

My four balls...(its ok to giggle) on my pictures of the tray because I did it at ten pm in my front yard with my porch light only.

Arrange your balls..(still giggling?) on your tray as you see fit. I almost think I need a few more for the effect I wanted.

Paired with some candles and its a nice piece, I almost think the tray is too green and that might bug me some to add stripes! or polka dots! Red ribbon stripes! Mod podged paper trees! Oh the possibilities are endless.

Happy Crafting

P.s. Pretty sure I'm adding mod podged paper trees made out of Christmas scrap booking paper, I'll post the result later

November 18, 2011

I was featured!

Excited that my first featured ( my Christmas wreath) project was at

Days of Chalk and Chocolate

exciting for me being new to this blogging thing...hopefully more to come

November 17, 2011


I just wanted to share these that I found on pinterest

I want them and I want to eat them...


p.s. click mmmm.... for link on how to make

A tray re-vamp

I don't know what you would exacly call it but I saw somewhere a neat looking tray that someone had re-done and then didn't think about it again until I won a tray in a lot of stuff at an auction. So only paying $4 total including spray paint this is pretty cool to me....and I really loved how it turned out.

I really like all things vintage an am really loving silhouttes right now.

So materials:
The tray had some log cabin on it, mod podge (first time using it and i'm in love), spray paint in blue ocean, matchy scrapbook paper

Spray paint tray, I gave mine three coats and let it dry overnight

laid scrapbook paper in tray upside down and drew a line on the back where I needed to cut, i'm sure there are a million different ways to do this but this worked for me.

Did my best to match up another sheet to complete lining the bottom, it was pretty close.

Then I put a layer of mod podge down. I about freaked out when my paper started to bubble and thought all was lost but when it completely dried it was all flat again. You can't see it but my bubbles are on this picture. FYI cause I didn't know but you can use the mod podge to glue down your paper as does say glue on the bottle (appearantyly I couldn't read that day)  In all I put down about 5 layers of mod podge.

I was going to sand down some of the sides and corners to rustic it up but I started and then didn't like it so I quit. I like it just the way it turned out.

Love the blue!

Happy Crafting!

Where has the week gone...

posting from my phone and my caps wont work. anyway its already thursday...i think...its been that kind of week. i got three projects done on the weekend and have only shared one, whats wrong with me/ haha havent mentioned that i cant get the question mark to work either...but yes anyway i will be posting my redo of a wooden tray and my super simple christmas table tonight and one for tomorrow morning...yaya...cant get the exclamation point to work either. i work forty hours a week in retail so there may be a  small lag in posts around big holidays like the one coming up. but keep checking back

November 13, 2011

Christmas Wreath!

So I have seen the yarn wreaths here and my incredibly talented sister made a super cute gray and yellow one, I knew that I needed to do that next. Originally I was going to make a burlap Christmas wreath but I could never get the red burlap. What I came up with is super cute anyway, at least I think so. (my sister said it was too) Anyway also in this post I actually edited pictures! haha I usually take all pictures on my phone, nevermind that $700 camera sitting in the other room, my android works well doing whatever, and I have an app for picture editing...takes too long to do it on my phone so guess what I'm asking santa for?! Anyway down to business...

I went to hobby lobby with no idea besides yarn that I knew I was going to use. So while winging it I was randomly picking things up and finally something struck me.

Stuff I used: 18 inch wreath form, red/white yarn, peppermint gift tags, one red sign and one hollow cardboard sign, chalkboard paint, foam brush, hot glue, scissors (n i think thats all) oh and white paint pen

wrap your wreath form and wrap and wrap and wrap...this part takes a while, watch a movie

done yet? ok wrap your white in sections around your form, up to you how far apart you want them

get all the way around, tie off and go back the other way, easy to cross over wreath and aim for the bottom of the cross before
like this.

done...not where you want them or not even? best part is you can play around with them until you like what you see.

next I placed everything where I thought I wanted it...
but maybe i was wrong...
nope I was right, then hot glue in place

While wrapping the wreath ( did I mention it took a while) I got bored and painted my first sign
I free handed it, think it looks funner that way...I used a paint pen (see it on the very edge of the picture) pick on up at walmart, best idea ever...eventually I went over this again and added little dots to the corners of each letter
subtle but cuter I thought

attached the sign using two strands of yarn (not a good picture)
stuff for chalkboard sign, never used chalkboard paint before
I had previously added chalkboard paint to the cardboard sign, 4 coats just to make sure I got it right, and then I took my paint pen and made little dots around the edges of the sign. I think I like dots today.

attach with hot glue and DONE!

Just add Chirstmas lights and front door is green and this doesn't look very green but thats why I made a red and white wreath!

Definitely the longest tutorial type thing I've ever done on here, but I'm pretty proud of my project that didn't only take me 15 minutes.

Happy Crafting!

November 12, 2011

Quick note...

I have my first follower...yay me (haha no pun intended) Anyway makes me happy to realize someone is reading this and possibly enjoying it enough to follow me! Thanks you made my day!

Hopefully be posting the Christmas wreath tonight...its gonna be least in my head it looks awesome.
Happy Saturday!

November 8, 2011

Ribbon Storage

So if you are like me then you have tons of ribbon, you don't have a decent place to put it and you are constantly winding it back up. In my organization of my new craft area I have used simple little baskets to make my ribbon easy to use.

My ribbon bin runneth over...I make tons of little hair ribbons for this ribbon monster

The Monster

Super simple idea of just pulling ribbon through the holes in the baskets and then you have

which works well for me cause I can just pull out and measure the length I need...

I got stacking baskets and use the bottom one for all of my hair accessories, clips, brads and all that good stuff.

Fun easy and done in fifteen minutes...only cost $5 too, instead of those fancy holders you can pay $15 for at Joann.

Happy Organizationing