September 8, 2011

With time comes crafting

If you are like me then the world of crafting may be newish to you. I have been "craftin" for probably my whole life but from what I can tell I was just playing around. These bloggers/crafters mean serious business. Seeing as I work 40 hours a week I can't devote as much time as I would like to hone in on my skills. So for the moment I will stick to what I know. I will have a new subject per category on each day ending in Y. So...

Saturday - Tutorials...probably just links to good tutorials for now...wide ranges
Sunday - Preview of Craft of the week/ opinion/ reviews
Monday -Craft of the week...which was made on the weekend before
Tuesday - Links to other blogs/ things I find interesting
Wednesday - Quick mind bores quickly plus its the middle of the week and I've got things to do
Thursday - Recipe Day
Friday - Inspiration..Ideas for the weekend

Pretty sure thats the layout for now. Subject to change when my mind see fit. Happy Crafting.

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