September 9, 2011

Friday Frenzy: Ready for the weekend

The work week is over...what more do you need? Oh my goodness graciousness its (in the minds of persons everywhere, just not according to the calendar) the first weekend of fall, summer is outta here. So in the spirit of the new found cold weather and a rekindled love with all things orange, green, and brown, I present the before the weekend fall inspiration extravaganza. (Or just a bunch of pictures of things I might try to create this weekend.)
Happy Crafting
too cute, have kids write what they are thankful for once every thanksgiving and put the year down, i'm totally doing this when Miss B. is old enough to talk

My birthday is in October, I love me some pumpkins

Super cute

And to think we always threw the acorns at each other


love even more

I already made a fall wreath but I could hand this off the porch

tree trunk out of kids hand, fun kid time activity
curled paper, it could totally hang

love these, trace different shapes of leaves and use as table decor

loved this soo much included a link:
You could spray paint the edges before finalizing it and give it a glow of orange on the outside

Yay for the weekend!!!

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