October 20, 2011

Baby Room: Cardboard baby name

We recently moved to a much larger living arrangement and I was so excited to decorate my babies first room. I had been looking up rooms for months and months. Finally it was time to decorate and I started with her name above her crib first. This was before I really started taking pictures for more tutorial purposes and just took them to post on my facebook page.

Either way heres pretty much the only picture I have from the project.

I bought the chunky letters from hobby lobby in the section where there is blank wood to paint on. and I went to the scrapbook paper section and picked out my favorites. I had painted her room and light gray and wanted to do something super colorful with everything else in the room.

I painted the sides of the letters black so the colors on the front would stick out more. I traced the letters onto the back of the scrap book paper and cut them out and just glued them on with regular school glue and let them dry. 

Hanging them up was a whole other problem but you can figure out what works best for you, probably would have been good to get the little picture hangers and hot glue them to the backs of the letters...but hind sight is 20/20.

Finished product:

too cute, must finish to pom that are to go in another corner of the room, thats for another time
Happy Crafting

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