October 14, 2011

Easy Halloween Wreath

So I had already made a fall wreath which was my first attempt at ever making a wreath...cause I'm still new to all of this. After making my Halloween Bunting I thought I really needed to make a wreath to go with it instead of my semi boring fall one, so I came up with this...

It was all really simple and pretty cheap. Everything at Hobby Lobby was already 30% off which really helped. 

Started with my ribbon and a wreath form.

The pattern of the dots matched my bunting with the buttons. And it wasn't going to be super hard to attached ribbon to a wreath form. I used hot glue.

I bought this little sign too. I could have made one but I wanted to be quick here, the bunting took enough time.

Added the sign to the wreath which was just the right size because I didn't wrap my ribbon well and didn't have quite enough to make it around my form. I did pull the little wire hanger off of it.

I did buy the bats, 30 cents each...but you could easily make these bats with some felt, puff paint, and googly eyes.  The main body of the bat was two pieces of felt spiraled into each other and the wings were felt with the puff paint outline. I was very happy with how it all turned out and very happy that it only took me fifteen minutes to complete.

Happy Crafting 

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