November 21, 2011

Not satisfied with my Christmas something...

So in my post Easy Christmas Something I said at the end that I thought I was going to try to add something to it and was pretty sure it was going to be paper christmas trees...well it was...sorta

Little triangle trees...I'm not sure why I stuck with this particular shape. I did try a few out but stuck with this...I can now see I have a crooked tree trunk that might annoy me but hey it doesn't have to be perfect.

I don't assume I have to help anyone figure out how to cut triangles out of paper, I did take pictures me if you want to see them...

Anyway coming up this week hopefully I will finish these two projects:

The tissue paper poms, I have three more to hang but you know babies, they pick the worst time to decide to take a nap.

And this...

Its an old toy box, if you couldn't figure that one out. You'll see later what I'm doing to it...I am not painting over anything like those cool little vintage decals on the front. This one is just taking WAY longer then I wanted it its not ready yet. After that I might be able to do a baby room tour, cause I'm pretty sure its done...for now...

Happy Monday!
(is that possible?)

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