November 19, 2011

Easy Christmas something

I only call it a something because I suppose you could use it for a variety of things. I'm using mine as a centerpiece for my living room table...I think. Anyway here it goes

Supplies..a tray, spray paint, two colors of yarn, foam balls
The tray is from goodwill pick it up half off, you can get the foam balls from Walmart...mine were donated to me by a friend who didn't need them anymore. They are quite expensive so if you have a coupon to Hobby Lobby or somewhere else I would totally use it. When did foam get expensive?

I choose to wrap the first one in a circular motion around a foam ball because I wanted at least one of them to be smooth looking, different texture.

The rest of them started off as a knot and then was wrapped and wrapped until it became the size I wanted it to be. I did use a foam ball for one of them and I do recommend using a foam ball as a base if you don't want or care about using a lot of yarn. This is the left over yarn from my Christmas wreath so I didn't mind...I can only knit one thing, a scarf.

My four balls...(its ok to giggle) on my pictures of the tray because I did it at ten pm in my front yard with my porch light only.

Arrange your balls..(still giggling?) on your tray as you see fit. I almost think I need a few more for the effect I wanted.

Paired with some candles and its a nice piece, I almost think the tray is too green and that might bug me some to add stripes! or polka dots! Red ribbon stripes! Mod podged paper trees! Oh the possibilities are endless.

Happy Crafting

P.s. Pretty sure I'm adding mod podged paper trees made out of Christmas scrap booking paper, I'll post the result later

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