November 8, 2011

Ribbon Storage

So if you are like me then you have tons of ribbon, you don't have a decent place to put it and you are constantly winding it back up. In my organization of my new craft area I have used simple little baskets to make my ribbon easy to use.

My ribbon bin runneth over...I make tons of little hair ribbons for this ribbon monster

The Monster

Super simple idea of just pulling ribbon through the holes in the baskets and then you have

which works well for me cause I can just pull out and measure the length I need...

I got stacking baskets and use the bottom one for all of my hair accessories, clips, brads and all that good stuff.

Fun easy and done in fifteen minutes...only cost $5 too, instead of those fancy holders you can pay $15 for at Joann.

Happy Organizationing

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