November 6, 2011

Time {not enough of it}

So in the quest to get normal everyday things, laundry and baby watching (omg she started crawling...why did I encourage this?) I haven't been able to create anything new. I have gotten as far in the craft room to see a drawer of unstarted/ half finished projects start to form, but I can't seem to make myself sit down  long enough to start them or finish them. (or finish cleaning up the room. ha) So instead while the baby took a nap, I took a pinterest break.

I find myself saving a lot of things like little sayings that make me laugh inside.

This is my craft room.

Fun projects to come up...

Really love embroidery right now...ever since the somewhere over the rainbow post.

Need this too...

It took me 50 minutes to make this post happen, only because I got on pinterest to find recently saved pins and got stuck looking up four hundred other things. 

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Have a lovely night.
Happy Pinning...

p.s. don't stay up too late...

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